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Group of friends shopping for foodGroup of friends shopping for food

Do you want to join a revolution, lead by the youth, to make a positive change? Become an investor of a company that aims to challenge the food system by cutting the cr*p when it comes to sustainability.

You can lead the movement by investing in THE campaign for those who want to take action to create a better future for our planet and the people and animals that live on it.

One year ago, we were a couple of procrastinators travelling the world until we couldn’t bear to sit still anymore. Now, Palau is giving the opportunity to consumers to take action while the giants of the food industry aren’t doing their “green homework”!

why ?

of global deforestation is a result of
agricultural production


of large fish have disappeared from
the ocean due to over-fishing

image from Palau project

of the world pollution is because
of our current food system


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We help consumers reduce their impact up to 70%

Palau allows you to estimate your diet impact and helps you reduce its water usage, carbon emissions and land usage without making your life harder. With you leading the way, the food industry will be forced to change to a more sustainable system.

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Discover the eco-score of 2.2 million food items

The Palau ‘eco-score’ is based on two criteria: ‘The Life Cycle Assessment’ and the ‘Bonus Malus System’. This is all about the products impact on the environment throughout its whole life cycle. After this, the variables within that cycle that differ from company to company, impact the score in a positive or negative way. Labels, packaging and biodiversity will also impact the eco-score. Find out more on the app.

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Good for the planet & your belly

Download our app and start scanning! It’s as simple as that, really. Whether you’re in the supermarket or at home, scan your food purchases with Palau to find out about their environmental impact and nutritional benefits.

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who ?

The last 12 months showed us that people care about and believe in our mission. We are a remote startup on a mission. We are kiters, surfers, hikers, divers that are willing to dedicate our lives to challenge the food industry by making sustainability transparent and convenient for everyone.

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Palau team presenting the project on stage
Palau team attending the birdhouse graduation
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Interview with founders of Palau
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Customer testimonials

La info adicional que ofrece Palau (planeta, sostenibilidad, emisiones, etc.) es un valor añadido que se agradece.


This app is such an educational app for all consumers to wake up and easily learn how to shop more sustainable + also receiving tips and tricks which I take with me to try to lower my impact on this planet ✨.


Un des plus grand problème sûr notre plante est l’industrie alimentaire, spécialement de grands supermarchés, avec Palau c'est très simple du fer ta part envers la plante.


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Who can invest?
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You must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest.

Can you explain your Ebitda?
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Our EBITDA for FY21 reached 33.464€ negative. This is driven by the fact that we are a company that was founded in Summer 2021, and we are investing in growth and therefore are adding resources first to collect gains in the future, creating a loss in the initial stage. International expansion is one of the biggest bets. However, our business is still at a very early stage, increasing the impact of a negative EBITDA.

What is equity crowdfunding?
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Equity crowdfunding is where a large number of people pool their money together to back a business they believe in, via a regulated online platform.

How do I make a return on my investment? / Can I sell my shares in the future?
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We want you to invest consciously and understand when you may expect to realise a financial return on your shares. In the short term, we expect to reinvest retained profit to help us grow. For the longer term, there are multiple ways in which you could make a return. Either if we are floated on the stock market, we start buying back equity from investors or there may be future liquidity events. All options are currently open but, whatever happens, you’ll get to be part of our future. As with all investments, there is a risk that you will lose all your investment. Please invest consciously.

Who are Palau's other investors?
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- ACSL (IT company based in Antwerp, Belgium) not only took a big role as financial support but as advisors on building our tech. 
- Belfius (Belgian bank) invested in Palau through the Birdhouse accelerator programme.

What's next?
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We will be in touch with you over the next few days with more information on our crowd raise, how to do it and which rights this gives you. Make sure you’re signed up to Wefunder early - seriously, don’t wait till the day itself. Tell all your friends to do the same!

What protections do I have as an investor?
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The terms of the SAFE will give you contractual protections, and Wefunder will liaise with the company to ensure that your investment is converted into shares in line with the agreed terms and at the right time.

However, it is important to remember that investing in a SAFE is the same level of risk as investing directly into equity in a start-up company and interest, if applicable, is not guaranteed. Please read all risk warnings before investing.

Which benefits do I have as an investor with a SAFE?
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SAFE investors are able to take up terms that VCs spend a ton of dough on negotiating later for their own stock. The stock that VCs buy is deluxe (“preferred”) stock and there’s a whole sheet of terms that they negotiate before buying it. Basically, SAFE investors get to ride on the coattails of VCs doing what they do best– except they get to enjoy these terms at a lower price per share, too.

What are the terms of the SAFE?
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A SAFE is a popular method to invest in super early-stage companies. At its core, it’s an agreement – an investor puts money into a startup today and both parties agree that, in the future, that money can convert into stock. The SAFE was created by (two badass women on) the Y Combinator team back in 2013. SAFE 101

How can I know more about the results of the company?
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If you apply for early access, we will send you a company deck which explains who we are, where we are now and our next objectives.

Does a SAFE ever expire?
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A SAFE has no maturity date. A SAFE is designed to expire and terminate only when a SAFE holder has received stock, cash or other proceeds, in an equity financing, liquidity event or dissolution event – whichever occurs first. In theory, a safe could remain outstanding for a long time without the need to “extend” any dates or time periods.

Still have questions?

Want to be
a thrifter?

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Interested in becoming a part of Palau? We need professionals, average consumers and everything in between to become a thrifter. Become an investor now and join us on this journey to fight for our planet!

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